Credit without a job

When it comes to a jobless loan, the first clue is always that a loan always means debt. Many no longer find a way out of this situation and often have to file for consumer bankruptcy. But if you take a closer look, you find that the unemployed who receive state benefits also need capital. Especially when the job search is always unsuccessful, it is difficult to get along with the unemployment benefit. In many situations, a loan without a job is needed, but the problem is that hardly a bank is willing to then forgive this loan. The loan should be a jump start to a better life and many already fail at the front door of the bank.

Credit without a Job
Credit without a Job

What are the credit prospects?

A jobless loan can be seen as installment loan. Some models have an upper limit, which is particularly appropriate for customers with little or no income. A loan must always be paid back and those who already have little, who will have even less for the rates. Nevertheless, there are ways to get a jobless loan.

Especially on the Internet, many providers will be quick to find who give a loan. Often it is private individuals who lend their money to this group of people. However, the applicant must firmly expect interest rates to be very high. A person without a job and thus no income always represents a risk. Borrowers then have to accept this risk with the high interest rates.

How can your own house bank be convinced?

It is always important to inform yourself and to prepare well before the interview at the bank. Anyone who calls collateral own is already on the better side. Collateral is the Alpha and Omega for the bank. As the unemployment benefit is not considered collateral, other collateral is needed. The best thing would be if a person takes over a guarantee for the borrower. The guarantor, who in any case must have a fixed income, increases the chances of credit immensely.

But even a life insurance can serve as security. However, this must have been completed several years ago so that the repurchase value is high enough. With these requirements, the bank can often be convinced that at least a small loan with a maximum amount of 5,000 euros will be awarded.